Creating an Endpoint

An endpoint is essentially a combination of AWS Gateway + Lambda. For the sake of simplicity we handle this behind the scenes.

To start, from the left menu, click on Endpoints, and then click on New Endpoint.

You should see the following pop-up:

NameA human-readable name for your endpoint. Enter a string that makes sense.
PathSelect your HTTP verb and enter a path.
Memory SizeAWS Lambda memory sizes can be configured between 128 MB and 10,240 MB. If increased, this will impact your cost per execution. For basic CRUD use cases, 128 MB should be more than enough.
TimeoutLambda will terminate the process if it exceeds the given timeout. Make sure to enter the right number for your use case.
DescriptionAn optional description for your new endpoint. It's always useful to add some documentation, even if it's short.