Modern Cloud is a browser-first serverless platform that allows you to build your backend easily.

Our mission is to make cloud development simple.

We are starting our journey with AWS Lambdas. AWS lambda is servlerless solution that allows you to run your code without managing your infrastructure. No need to provision services, no need to deal with scalability, no need for DevOps. You deploy your code, and it just works.

Even though everything might sound great, we believe that there's still significant overhead involved around building, testing and managing lambdas. Modern Cloud addresses these problems. First, we designed a solution that's browser-first. Lambdas were ripe for this critical design decision. Lambda functions tend to be small, you don't need a sophisticated IDE to write code for them. Secondly, it's very easy for an organization to end up with tens of, or even hundreds of lambda functions. Managing lambdas through a codebase becomes impossible. Modern Cloud lets you to build, test, deploy and organize your lambdas via a well-designed interface. We made sure that it's fast. It feels like you're working on a native app.

Another important feature of Modern Cloud is we don't have our own custom layer. Meaning that whatever you do on our platform are translated to Terraform configurations. Terraform is a widely-used open-source tool that lets you to define your cloud infrastructure declaratively. All in all, you have no hard dependency on us. Another advantage of using Terraform as the backing tool is you can extend on the existing definitions that we create; to add more features that we do not support yet. So, using Modern Cloud doesn't come at the cost of your control. You have all the control.

Our product is easy to use and requires minimal reading to understand how it works. Just sign up and give it a try. If you need further assistance, help yourself and read the topics listed on the left menu, or reach out to us at